KATELYN HEBERT, Class of 2006View Listing
CAITLIN BARRY, Class of 2004View Listing
BRUCE MICHAEL DESMOND, Class of 1972View Listing
ROBERT T. HARRINGTON, Class of 1962View Listing
JOSEPH PALERMO, Class of 1954View Listing
BRIAN GAGNON, Class of 2005View Listing
CASEY BOYLE, Class of 2005View Listing
DAVID MCNEIL, Class of 1995View Listing
Ellen Netishen, Class of 1988View Listing
DAVID MILLS, Class of 1967View Listing
LYSANDRA “LILLY” SILVA, Class of 2001View Listing
RAUNNY ROSARIO, Class of 2000View Listing
CHRISTOPHER W. BURNS, Class of 1997View Listing
JOE DURKIN, Class of 1996View Listing
WILLIAM “BILLY” MOLONEY, Class of 1974View Listing
ASHLEY L. NOLET, Class of 2003View Listing
ETHAN BROWN, Class of 2003View Listing
JONATHON DOLAN, Class of 2002View Listing
PAUL FRANCIS DOWLING, Class of 1970View Listing
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN TRULL, JR. Class of 1960View Listing
PATRICK MORASSE, Class of 2002View Listing
TABITHA HEBERT, Class of 2001View Listing
LARRY MACHADO, Class of 1979View Listing
NICHOLAS LAKIN, Class of 1973View Listing
LEIGHTON “BUDDY KIMBALL, Class of 1936View Listing
Michelle_Bergeron_Montgomery_2011_1998MICHELLE BERGERON MONTGOMERY, Class of 1998View Listing
LAUZIERE_Cheryl_1998_1981CHERYL LAUZIERE, Class of 1981View Listing
MCQUAIDE_Earle_F_1998_1975EARLE F. MCQUAIDE, Class of 1975View Listing
HODGE_Robert_J_1998_1973ROBERT J. HODGE, Class of 1973View Listing
KRYSIAK_Dennis_Edward_1998_1968DENNIS EDWARD KRYSIAK, Class of 1968View Listing
THOMAS “TINY” SHEEHAN, Class of 1961View Listing
MILLIGAN_Mercedes_1997_1987MERCEDES MILLIGAN, Class of 1987View Listing
LISA LUCAS, Class of 1981View Listing
WHALEN_Clifford_James_1997_1972CLIFFORD JAMES WHALEN, Class of 1972View Listing
LANOUE_Paul_1997_1968PAUL LANOUE, Class of 1968View Listing
BEAULIEU_John_Julian_1997_1938JOHN JULIAN BEAULIEU, Class of 1938View Listing
JACQUES_HOGAN_Lisa_1996_1983LISA JACQUES HOGAN, Class of 1983View Listing
LAMBERT_Jeffrey_A_1996_1973JEFFREY A. LAMBERT, Class of 1973View Listing
MARTIN_Brian_J_1996_1968BRIAN J. MARTIN, Class of 1968View Listing
PLOMARITIS_Titus_1996_1949TITUS PLOMARITIS, Class of 1949View Listing
ABRAMS_John_Carlton_1996_1946JOHN CARLTON ABRAMS, Class of 1946View Listing
SLATTERY_James_1995_1985_GLAMJAMES SLATTERY, Class of 1985View Listing
CREAMER_Steven_Robert_1995_1976STEVEN ROBERT CREAMER, Class of 1976View Listing
FREITAS_John_Vincent_1995_1956JOHN VINCENT FREITAS, Class of 1956View Listing
STECHHI_David_Francis_1995_1954DAVID FRANCIS STECCHI, Class of 1954View Listing
KULIS_Walter_Ticki_1995_1948WALTER “TICKI” KULIS, Class of 1948View Listing
TROUVILLE_Robert_J_1994_1953ROBERT J. TROUVILLE, Class of 1953View Listing
GREEN_Walter_Timothy_1994_1968WALTER TIMOTHY GREEN, Class of 1968View Listing
READY_Robert_E_1994_1950ROBERT E. READY, Class of 1950View Listing
JOHN DAVID MALONEY, Class of 1957View Listing
CHRISTINE PERON PILGRAM, Class of 1976View Listing
BOVA_Carmen_1993_1937CARMEN PHILLIP BOVA, Class of 1937View Listing
FALLON_James_1993_1949JAMES FRANCIS FALLON, Class of 1949View Listing
JOHN BLAKE GALVIN, Class of 1983View Listing
GAUTHIER_Richard_1993_1967RICHARD JOHN GAUTHIER, Class of 1967View Listing
MCGRADE_Walter_Herky_1993_1957WALTER (HERKY) McGRADE, Class of 1957View Listing
QUINLAN_Peter_F_1992_1980PETER F. QUINLAN, Class of 1980View Listing
KULIS_Joesph_S_1992_1940JOSEPH S. KULIS, Class of 1940View Listing
DEMAURO_Joseph_Michael_Mike_1992_1947JOSEPH MICHAEL “MIKE” DEMAURO, Class of 1947View Listing
CROCKER_Kevin_Daniel_1992_1971KEVIN DANIEL CROCKER, Class of 1971View Listing
BILBY_Steven_1992_1972STEVEN BILBY, Class of 1972View Listing
BROWN_Bruce_1991_1984BRUCE BROWN, Class of 1964View Listing
MARTIN_Peter_F_1991_1978PETER FREDERICK MARTIN, Class of 1978View Listing
ELLIOT_Francis_1991_1967FRANCIS ELLIOTT, Class of 1967View Listing
KOUCHALAKOS_Peter_S_1991_1939PETER SAMUEL KOUCHALAKOS, Class of 1939View Listing
JILL STAMP MCARDLE, Class of 1981View Listing
ONEIL_Rose_1990_1928ROSE O’NEIL, Class of 1928View Listing
MITCHELL_Tracy_1990_1979TRACY MITCHELL, Class of 1979View Listing
CHAPMAN_Sheldon_1990_1930SHELDON CHAPMAN, Class of 1930View Listing
CAPONE_William_J_1990_1966WILLIAM JAMES CAPONE, Class of 1966View Listing
WALTER WEWIORSKI, Class of 1938View Listing
MCARDLE_Joseph_1989_1929JOSEPH ANDREW McARDLE, Class Of 1929View Listing
POLAK_Joseph_1989_1937JOSEPH POLAK, Class of 1937View Listing
FORD_George_1989_1944GEORGE FORD, Class of 1944View Listing
ATHANAS_Lou_1989_1932LOU ATHANAS, Class of 1932View Listing
NELSON_Brent_1988_1965BRENT NELSON, Class of 1965View Listing
SOROTA_Stephen_S_1988_1931STEPHEN S. SOROTA, Class of 1931View Listing
LISTON_James_Philip_1988_1917JAMES PHILIP LISTON, Class of 1917View Listing
Lynn_Tucker_Rourke_2011_1991LYNN TUCKER ROURKE, Class of 1991View Listing
MILLER_Joe_2010_1973JOSEPH T. MILLER, Class of 1973View Listing
LEAH CATHARINE GREEN, Class of 1993View Listing
FREDIANI_Camille_Butch_2000_1961CAMILLE “BUTCH” FREDIANI, Class of 1961View Listing
DRESCHER_Fred_Fritz_1988_1930FRED “FRITZ” DRESCHER, Class of 1930View Listing
SPANEAS_George_J_1987_1952GEORGE JAMES SPANEAS, Class of 1952View Listing
WHALEN_TOM_H_1987_1968THOMAS HENRY WHALEN, Class of 1968View Listing
PARENT_Leo_A_1987_1951LEO A. PARENT, Class of 1951View Listing
SKAFF_Frank_1987_1929FRANCIS MICHAEL SKAFF, Class of 1929View Listing
JAMES SCONDRAS, Class of 1938View Listing
MAVRAIDES_Menil_1986_1950MENIL MAVRAIDES, Class of 1950View Listing
REDMAN_JR_Rodney_1986_1968RODNEY REDMAN, JR., Class of 1968View Listing
DALEY_James_S_1986_1924JAMES S. DALEY, Class of 1924View Listing
CAWLEY_Edward_J_1986_1912EDWARD D. CAWLEY, Class of 1912View Listing
MURPHY_JR_Edmund_D_1986_1937EDMUND D. MURPHY, JR., Class of 1937View Listing
MAZUR_Henry_J_1986_1937HENRY J. MAZUR, Class of 1937View Listing
MCMANMON_John_1986_1923JOHN MCMANMON, Class of 1923View Listing
HAGGERTY_George_F_Mike_1986_1912GEORGE F. “MIKE” HAGGERTY, Class of 1912View Listing
DURKIN_Brian_2010_1998BRIAN DURKIN, Class of 1998View Listing
REYNOLDS_FRANK_Gail_2010_1983GAIL REYNOLDS FRANK, Class of 1983View Listing
NELSON_JR_Walter_L_2010_1962WALTER L. NELSON, JR., Class of 1962View Listing
CISZEK_Ignatius_A_Jim_2010_1943IGNATIUS A. “JIM” CISZEK, Class of 1942View Listing
VOUTSELAS_Kristen_Nicole_2009_1996KRISTEN NICOLE VOUTSELAS, Class of 1996View Listing
MANGAN_JR_Albert_J_2009_1967ALBERT J. MANGAN, JR., Class of 1967View Listing
MCGUIRK_James_T_2009_1964JAMES T. MCGUIRK, Class of 1964View Listing
MACHADO_Thomas_Paul_2009_1963THOMAS PAUL MACHADO, Class of 1963View Listing
MERRILL_BAILEY_Ruth_2009_1905RUTH MERRILL BAILEY, Class of 1905View Listing
LOUREIRO_TRAHAN_Lori_2008_1991Lori Loureiro Trahan, Class of 1991View Listing
BENOIT_COADY_Brenda_2008_1981BRENDA BENOIT COADY, Class of 1981View Listing
DURKIN_Thomas_Tipper_2008_1973THOMAS “TIPPER” DURKIN, Class of 1973View Listing
DONNELLY_Brian_2008_1971BRIAN DONNELLY, Class of 1971View Listing
SZABLAK_Chet_2008_1944Chester “Chet” J. Szablak, Sr.,Class of 1944View Listing
GILLICK_Garrett_Kelly_2007_1996GARRETT KELLY GILLICK, Class of 1996View Listing
BOTTO_DRUST_Kristine_2007_1997KRISTINE BOTTO DRUST, Class of 1997View Listing
BARROS_Daniel_2007_1987DANIEL BARROS, Class of 1987View Listing
STUER_Michael_2007_1978MICHAEL STUER, Class of 1978View Listing
LORANGER_Norman_Victor_2007_1957NORMAN VICTOR LORANGER, Class of 1957View Listing
BURNS_BOTTO_Melissa_2006_1994MELISSA BURNS BOTTO, Class of 1994View Listing
RIVERA_Ramon_2006_1985RAMON RIVERA, Class of 1985View Listing
DESILETS_Max_2006_1973MAX DESILETS, Class of 1973View Listing
CHATEAUNEUF_Russell_2006_1971RUSSELL CHATEAUNEUF, Class of 1971View Listing
CONLIN_Kerry_Ann_2005_1994KERRY ANN CONLIN, Class of 1994View Listing
BORODAWKA_James_Scott_2005_1992JAMES SCOTT BORODAWKA, Class of 1992View Listing
ROURKE_Kevin_2005_1991KEVIN ROURKE, Class of 1991View Listing
MCMAHON_Brian_David_2005_1978BRIAN DAVID MCMAHON, Class of 1978View Listing
FUREY_William_2005_1975WILLIAM F. FUREY, Class of 1975View Listing
GRAHAM_Daniel_Christopher_2004_1994DANIEL CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM, Class of 1994View Listing
LEKITES_Amy_E_2004_1985AMY E. LEKITES, Class of 1985View Listing
PICARD_Paul_Willian_2004_1956PAUL WILLIAM PICARD, Class of 1956View Listing
DILLON_Brian_Patrick_2004_1974BRIAN PATRICK DILLON, Class of 1974View Listing
NOONAN_John_Joseph_2004_1957JOHN JOSEPH NOONAN, Class of 1957View Listing
PAUL T. HALEY, Class of 1987View Listing
MARYBETH MCKENNEY, Class of 1986View Listing
ARTHUR CHARLES FARRIS, Class of 1968View Listing
LARRY CONNELL, Class of 1964View Listing
LAFFERTY_Thomas_2002_1988THOMAS LAFFERTY, Class of 1988View Listing
BERTOS_Michael_Gregory_2002_1986MICHAEL GREGORY BERTOS, Class of 1986View Listing
KACAVAS_George_2002_1975GEORGE KACAVAS, Class of 1975View Listing
KENNEDY_James_P_2001_1987JAMES P. KENNEDY, Class of 1987View Listing
STEWART_FRECHETTE_Katie_2001_1986KATIE STEWART FRECHETTE, Class of 1986View Listing
GIUFFRIDA_Donald_J_2001_1956DONALD J. GIUFFRIDA, Class of 1956View Listing
LANG_SR_John_E_2001_1939JOHN E. LANG, SR., Class of 1939View Listing
BURNS_MARTIN_Jennifer_2000_1990JENNIFER BURNS MARTIN, Class of 1990View Listing
GREEN_Christopher_2000_1989CHRISTOPHER GREEN, Class of 1989View Listing
FREITAS_Richard_R_2000_1971RICHARD R. FREITAS, Class of 1971View Listing
DRIVAS_Harry_James_2000_1954HARRY JAMES DRIVAS, Class of 1954View Listing
CREMIN_David_1999_1987DAVID CREMIN, Class of 1987View Listing
MILINAZZO_Vincenzo_Jimmy_1999_1954VINCENZO “JIMMY” MILINAZZO, Class of 1954View Listing
SWAN_Robert_Davis_1999_1949ROBERT DAVIS SWAN, Class of 1949View Listing
KOUMANTZELIS_John_1999_1940JOHN KOUMANTZELIS, Class of 1940View Listing
MCADAMS_Gregory_1999_1921GREGORY MCADAMS, Class of 1921View Listing
Brian_Akashian_2011_1996BRIAN AKASHIAN, Class of 1996View Listing
WOOD_William_1990_1938WILLIAM WOOD, Class of 1938View Listing
ROLAND ROY, Class of 1945View Listing
RAYMOND E. RIDDICK, JR., Class of 1970View Listing
Susan_Petullo_Laroche_ 2011_1979SUSAN PETULLO LAROCHE, Class of 1979View Listing
BOSSI_George_2002GEORGE BOSSIView Listing
REYNOLDS_Brian_F_1988_1950BRIAN F. REYNOLDS, Class of 1950View Listing
RIDDICK_Raymond_1986_1935RAYMOND E. RIDDICK, Class of 1935View Listing
STEPHEN ANTHONY BEATI, Class of 1982View Listing
STOKLOSA_Stanley_J_1986_1935STANLEY J. STOKLOSA, Class of 1935View Listing

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