The Road to 1986…

 The Lowell High School Hall of Fame is among the oldest and most prestigous Halls of Fame in New England.  With an initial induction group of 10 honored athletes, coaches, teachers and administrators in 1986, the Hall of Fame has inducted 5 new members each year. The current 135 inductees of the Hall of Fame come from all walks of life: each with a unique story of competition, excellence, sportsmanship, and the heart of a champion.

The Road to 1986: A Hall of Fame is Born In Lowell

It started they way things usually start: sports fans lamenting the passing of time, the loss of loved ones and fallen heroes, a new generation coming of age without the knowledge and respect for  the previous generation’s hard work and resulting victories.

The talk grew louder, the buzz became noticable. 

In a city that prides itself on historical preservation, showcasing its roots, and celebrating sports, there was no institution that celebrateds schoolboy sports and the legends that sprouted from fiercely competitive contests. 

The Road to 1986: " boldly go where no man has gone before.” Brian Martin, Walter Nelson, Dave Stecci, Bob Beaulieu, Bob Boehm, Jim McGuirk

Until finally, a group met. Coaches were invited. We see their photo, sitting in a conference room, without any knowledge that what a loyal group of Lowellians would build would become it’s own institution.

The Lowell High Athletic Hall of Fame has stood the test of time.  26 years and counting. Over 100,000 students have graduated from Lowell High school since 1831: and only 135 are enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

Everyone knows, “Lenzi’s, one week before Thanksgiving. Be there. You’ll be glad you came. ”

LHS Athletic Hall of Fame Mission and Goals

The purpose of the Lowell High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions in the field of athletics as a participant or coach at Lowell High School.

Applications are strongly encouraged. Without an application, talented individuals cannot be considered.

The Athletic Hall of Fame is actively seeking individuals to serve on various committees, especially former Inductees. Please submit a letter of intent to the Chairperson, c/o Athletic Office at Lowell High School

The Board of Directors would like to thank the sponsors, attendees, and others whose various contributions are critical in maintaining the quality of our event.


Trudy Vail Michel

LHS Sports: A long tradition of competition, success and high standards

Our sports programs consistently rank among the top in the Merrimack Valley Conference and the state.

Lowell High School offers 30 varsity sports, as well as freshman and junior varsity level sports, fielding a total of 68 teams. Our various sports programs attracted 1,340 student-athletes this year alone. Beyond sports, Lowell High School offers 30 clubs in which all students can participate. There’s truly something for everyone! Copyright 2010-2014, Lowell High School Athletic Hall of Fame. All rights reserved
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