Stumper Answers: Can you name these people?

Here are the answers to our new site feature: “Can you name these people?”
How did you do?

Stumper #1
Polak Riddick, Bossi

Stumper #2

The injured athlete being removed on a stretcher  photo was found in John Maloney’s file

Stumper #3: Stoklosa, Riddick, Milinazzo, Haggerty

Stumper #4
The 2 in the middle are Joe Kulis and “Johnny” Lang

Stumper #5
The Hall of Famers are Melissa Burns Botto on left, and Kristen Voutselas on the far right.


Coach Bossi with Jeff Lambert, Brian Dillon and Max Desilets Copyright 2010-2014, Lowell High School Athletic Hall of Fame. All rights reserved
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